The Birth of a Bee Hotel

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so many of our followers on Twitter have encouraged and supported us during the construction of the Bee Hotel at Three Hagges Wood Meadow, I would like to dedicate this blog to all of them. But most of all, I would like to dedicate it to the accomplished young ecologist Ryan Clark, @RyanClarkNature, who was there at the beginning, guiding me as to the bees’ special needs, inspiring me to greater things, and giving me hope for the future of all our conservation efforts.  If you’re reading this and ever get the chance to employ him, I hope you will cherish his considerable talents to the full. The Bee Hotel will provide a home – we hope – for all that […]

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What about that yellow rattle?

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Last autumn we had prepared our stale seedbed well in advance of the proposed sowing date for the meadow, the final deadline that we set ourselves being the 15th October 2012. We lived daily in hope that a damp, sun-warmed seedbed would be perfectly receptive for the precious and expensive seed mix. Hah! The heavens opened and the tap stayed on for weeks; the seedbed was then neither sun-warmed nor receptive.  It was inundated, stayed inundated all winter, and it was the beginning of May before conditions for sowing came good again.  The whole 10ha. of meadow germinated well, was glorious throughout summer, and most of us were thrilled by the shimmer of pollinators above the nurse crop […]

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Drinks in the Meadow Anyone?

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  for months, we have been looking obsessively for noxious weeds and worrying whether any disastrous thing would happen to the meadow before it managed to flower, reassuring each other continuously that it would be alright on the night.  Despite having in my mind’s eye a hopeful and pretty picture of our meadow’s first year, I wasn’t fully prepared for the truly joyous spectacle of our meadow in full bloom.  It really has surpassed anything I could have imagined, and now we are breathless for all the best reasons. And a big part of this has been due to our guests’ reactions when we took Drinks in the Meadow on the 15th of August.  We have been […]

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