Cornfield annuals



During the initial stages of establishing the meadows, we used a mix of cornfield annuals as a nurse crop.  Such was their success, both as a visual feast and as a nectar and pollen resource for butterflies, moths, overflies and bees, however, that we plan to sustain a headland around the wood of the following species.

They are all native species from sources of known native provenance.  Although the description of native may be controversial, they are all species that have grown in the UK since humankind began growing cereals as crop plants.

Agrostemma githago, Corn Cockle 30%

Anthemis austriaca, Corn Chamomile 5%

Bupleurum rotundifolium, Thorow-wax 5%

Centaurea cyanus, Cornflower 25%

Glebionis segetum, syn. Chrysanthemum segetum, Corn Marigold 15%

Papaver rhoeas, Common Poppy 10%

Silene noctiflora, Night-flowering Catchfly 10%


bee on cornflower

bee on cornflower