Invertebrate Survey 2015



Andy Grayson undertakes an entomological survey at Three Hagges Wood Meadow annually. It is against this we will measure the success of our planting design in providing native host plants (now some 230 plant species on site) and habitat for the huge diversity of invertebrates that are critically important pollinators. We monitor not only the important and iconic pollinators such as moths, butterflies and bumble bees but also the lesser known and less glamorous that have fewer champions – many of which have declined drastically over the past fifty years.

We would like to extend special thanks to the collectors, photographers and determiners: Dr. Mike Archer (BWATS), Pat and Jim Bone,
Dr. Dave Chesmore, Bill Ely (YNU), Andrew Grayson, Lin Hawthorne and Barry Warrington (YNU).

Andy’s full report will be available soon. In the meantime, the spreadsheet of his invertebrate survey 2015 is available for download from Google docs. This is the link:



We are very lucky to have captured the interest of Pat and Jim Bone this year, they have contributed greatly to the Lepidoptera section of the survey.  We now have access to their wonderful photos, all those below were taken in the wood-meadow during 2015.

Top left: Lycaena phlaeas, Small Copper, Pat and Jim Bone

Top right, Polyommatus icarus, Common Blue, Pat and Jim Bone

Bottom left, Zygaena filipendulae stephensi, Six-spot Burnet, Pat and Jim Bone

Bottom right: Nicrophorus vespillo, a Sexton or Burying beetle, Lin Hawthorne

230815 FZ1000 3hwm small copper (6)fs

PAT Jim Bone 190915 Common blue male SF

310715 burnett moth (3) copySFNicrophorus interruptus IMG_2311SF