Lifecycle of the Large White Butterfly




LWB 2016-08-30 at 20.15.41 copy


The life cycles of the Lepidoptera, the Butterflies and Moths, can appear mysterious to the beginner. But knowing how it works is both fascinating and useful if you’re interested in studying this group of beautiful creatures.

Pat and Jim Bone record the butterflies at the wood-meadow, as part of our ongoing research. They also raised some Large White butterflies, Pieris brassicae, from egg to adult, and photographed every stage. This provided an opportunity for us to explain and illustrate the whole process, which is basically very similar for all the Lepidoptera, although it varies in detail from species to species.

We use this information when introducing visitors to the wood-meadow to the butterflies that have made it their home.

If you would like to use it too, you can download it by clicking the link here.