Meadow perennials at Three Hagges Wood



The grassland mixtures at Three Hagges Jubilee Wood are two very similar mixes based on the National Vegetation Classification groups MG5 and MG4. The MG5 mix has been sown on the more northerly, drier areas of the site; the MG4 mixture has been sown on the southerly stretches that are more susceptible to inundation and standing water.

Three Hagges Wood: Meadow mixtures

Wildflowers MG5

Achillea millefolium,  Yarrow

Betonica officinalis,  Betony

Centaurea nigra, Common Knapweed

Euphrasia officinalis,  Eyebright

Galium verumLady’s Bedstraw

Leucanthemum vulgareOxeye Daisy

Lotus corniculatus,  Birdsfoot Trefoil

Plantago lanceolata,  Ribwort Plantain

Primula veris,  Cowslip

Prunella vulgaris,  Selfheal

Ranunculus acrisMeadow Buttercup

Ranunculus bulbosus,  Bulbous Buttercup

Rhinanthus minor,  Yellow Rattle

Rumex acetosella,  Sheep’s Sorrel

Leontodon autumnalis,  Autumn Hawkbit

Succisa pratensis,  Devil’s-bit Scabious

Teucrium scorodonia,  Wood Sage

Grasses MG5

Agrostis capillaris,  Common Bent

Anthoxanthum odoratum,  Sweet Vernal-grass (w)

Cynosurus cristatus,  Crested Dogstail

Festuca filiformis,  Fine-leaved Sheep’s-fescue (w)

Festuca ovina,  Sheep’s Fescue (w)

Festuca rubra,  Slender-creeping Red-fescue

Phleum bertolonii,  Smaller Cat’s-tail (w)



Wild Flowers MG4

Achillea millefoliumYarrow

Betonica officinalis,  (Stachys officinalis),  Betony

Centaurea nigraCommon Knapweed

Filipendula ulmariaMeadowsweet

Galium verumLady’s Bedstraw

Leucanthemum vulgareOxeye Daisy

Lotus pedunculatusGreater Birdsfoot Trefoil

Plantago lanceolataRibwort Plantain

Primula verisCowslip

Prunella vulgarisSelfheal

Ranunculus acrisMeadow Buttercup

Rhinanthus minorYellow Rattle

Rumex acetosella,  Sheep’s Sorrel

Sanguisorba officinalisGreat Burnet

Silaum silausPepper Saxifrage

Silene flos-cuculi – (Lychnis flos-cuculi)Ragged Robin

Succisa pratensisDevil’s-bit Scabious

Vicia craccaTufted Vetch

Grasses MG4

Agrostis capillarisCommon Bent

Alopecurus pratensisMeadow Foxtail (w)

Anthoxanthum odoratumSweet Vernal-grass (w)

Cynosurus cristatusCrested Dogstail

Deschampsia cespitosaTufted Hair-grass (w)

Festuca rubra,  Slender creeping Red Fescue (w)