As we develop our woodlands, grassy glades and website, we will be building the resource pages. They will eventually contain information about each tree, flower and grass that we plant and sow – their descriptions, the conditions they need to thrive, the uses that we make of them as timber or as herbal medicines, and their folklore. We know that planting woods and grasslands can enrich the environment , but we also believe that plant uses and folklore and the long history of their associations with humankind are vitally important and add deeper dimensions to our relationship with the living world. This is especially true of a wood-meadow; ancient ones in Eastern Europe are the most biodiverse ecosystems in the northern temperate world, and sustaining their diversity is entirely dependent on human management.

We hope to show how birds, animals, bees, butterflies and other insects rely on the plants we will have here, and how they use them for food and shelter for themselves and their young. By providing the conditions they need, we hope to increase their number in the Three Hagges Wood-Meadow and to record their appearances as this new ecosystem develops. We undertake annual surveys of Invertebrates, flora, bats, birds and small mammals.

We hope our friends in the community will help this happen and welcome their contributions to the planting, the care and recording.   We expect that this will take many years to come to fruition, and we and the Escrick Park Estate can provide an uncommon degree of continuity and knowledge in managing and nurturing the wood, to raise the bar for beauty and biodiversity, and create an exceptional environment that we may all enjoy.