Sacred Woods

We have already established that woods and forests have always been mystical places. Old trees, dark shadows and unknown sounds of breaking branches, animals and birds created mystery and majesty, as a result, people had fears of the things they couldn’t understand. These fears forced them to look for explanations or solutions on how to not get injured or stay […]

Forrest Schools

All new technologies and innovations are great, and they make our lives easier, richer and give us more possibilities to explore, to know, to travel or to discover. However, more and more people understand that human beings are not machines and we all need more than just smart equipment and money. The indoor lifestyle, long hours working near a computer, […]

The Importance of Woodlands: III

Woodlands and forests give us fresh air to breathe, they are purifying water constantly for us to drink and maintain agriculture, the roots of those plants keep the land in the necessary place. As a result, we have a place to live. Woodlands and forests protect all chains of the ecosystem and the thread of life is not broken for […]

The Importance of Woodlands: II

There are some crucial factors why human beings, animals and other alive forms are able to live on the planet Earth instead of any other planet. These factors include such stuff as atmosphere, ozone layer, oxygen, water and green plants. However, if talking about the greenery, a few trees, herbs or flowers wouldn’t be sufficient material to keep us fed […]

The Importance of Woodlands

There are many different opinions about the ancient woodlands and some people are against the idea of restoration. Also, there are many critics who say that modern people can perfectly live while enjoying urbanistic parks and other green areas of cities that were designed in an artificial way. As a result, there is an attitude that restoration of ancient woodlands […]

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