Forrest Schools

All new technologies and innovations are great, and they make our lives easier, richer and give us more possibilities to explore, to know, to travel or to discover. However, more and more people understand that human beings are not machines and we all need more than just smart equipment and money. The indoor lifestyle, long hours working near a computer, lack of fresh air and exercise have created many new illnesses, addictions, and disabilities to the young generation. There are some dark predictions that the lifetime is getting shorter again because the bodies of human beings are deteriorating without being used and maintained properly. Is there any option to get the joy of life back? Yes, and the solution is very simple – go back into the wild!

New Form of Education

We do not offer you to abandon your house, quit your job, move to the middle of the forest, climb up to a tree and live there like a wildman. Everything should be done in moderation with common sense. As a result, the new form of education was invented to bring kids back to nature and explain to them from the very young days why it is important to save our natural environment. This part of the educational system is called forest schools and it consists of outdoor activities when kids spend a lot of time outside doing outdoor activities in fields, forests or woodlands.

The topics are cross-curriculum and the range of activities is very wide and includes theoretical lectures about biodiversity, ecology, ecosystems and other biological processes as well as practical tasks such as maintaining gardens, cleaning forests or planting trees, flowers or herbs. The scientific level depends on the age of the pupil, as a result, young kids are doing everything in the context of playing while the older pupils are involved in some serious researches. This kind of education help kids to build their self-confidence, independence, and ability to survive without smart technologies. In addition to the personal skills, kids are taught to work as a group, find a common solution, make compromises and maintain relationships based on trust and friendliness.

Benefits to Health

Benefits to Health

The list of physical illnesses that have been developed in the past decade is long. However, mental illnesses are called the plague of this century. The statistics are horrifying. According to the medical records, there are more than 16 million people around the UK who are facing mental disorders and half of them are kids or teenagers. More than half of young people who have mental disorders do not ask for help and don’t receive the right treatment until it is too late. Teenagers who are experiencing mental illness are also fighting loneliness, isolation, and shame, as a result, the main death reason for young people in the UK is suicide.

Before start using pills and other medicine, the best prevention is to change the lifestyle from the very childhood. Forest schools force kids to be outside and fresh air and physical activities are the initial treatment of any mental disorders. These schools form a new understanding about living in a community, encourage kids to not be afraid and ask for help, to enjoy friendship and real communication. By doing physical activities outside, the stress level is reduced, the capacity of attention is increased, and the general state of the body is improved.

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