Myths from the woodlands

Ancient giant trees, the labyrinth of twigs, roots, and tendrils, coldness, lack of sunshine, strange sounds of unknown birds or animals and thousands of square meters without another human can make mad everyone. People were always scared of things they don ‘t understand and cannot clearly see. In this way, the brains create new concepts, and everything seems scarier than they actually are. This is how millions of myths, legends, and fairytales about magical creates have been created and survived until these days as books or movies.

Spirits and creatures of woodlands

According to infinite folk tales, many dangerous, mystical and dreadful creatures live in the darkest corners of any ancient forest. The woodlands were home to fierce predators that scared people all around the United Kingdom. One of the most horrible creatures were wolves, bears, and wild boar. There are plenty of gruesome stories about treacherous bogs and vicious villains as once they get you, you are dead.

However, the most popular figures of folktales were witches, ghosts, gnomes, supernatural fairy-like beings, and many other types of forest spirits who live in woods also and usually are unfriendly. They are not sneaking around but it’s better to stay away because they don’t like humans and will do something bad for you. All these evil creatures can be related to the darkness of woods and this is how the forbidden forests appeared in stories.

Magic of trees

Magic of trees
Magic of trees

People have believed that trees are magical creatures too as trees having a lifespan much longer than a human. There is no surprise that many tales, superstition, and folklore that are associated with native trees.

Elm trees have always been associated with death, evil and the afterlife because this tree usually drops its dead branches unexpectedly. People were scared to make shelters under these trees and have never planted elms near home as it would be understood as a direct invitation to death. In the mythology of Celts, elm trees were related to elves and magical underworld. Greek mythology tells the same things about elm trees as the first elm tree has grown up at the place where Orpheus played his harp after rescuing his wife Eurydice from the world of dead souls.

The oak tree can be found in mythological stories of many different nations. In the United Kingdom, the oak trees are related to the monarchy and almighty power as it one of the strongest trees. Many ancient kings adorned themselves with crowns of oak leaves and later this tradition has been used in the Olympic games. The oak was dedicated to the most powerful gods of thunder and lightning as Zeus, Jupiter, and Dagda. The oak has been a symbol of strength, survival, and power of masculinity.

Beech trees usually live for hundreds of years and are related to the power of femininity, as a result, beech trees are called the Queen of British Trees. The bark of beech has always been a symbol of luck and people tried to carry a little peace in their pockets as they believed it will attract success. According to the English folklore, if a person needs to decide something serious but have doubts, he needs to put a piece of beech bark in the right shoe and it will lead that person towards the fortune and best way.

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