Sacred Woods

We have already established that woods and forests have always been mystical places. Old trees, dark shadows and unknown sounds of breaking branches, animals and birds created mystery and majesty, as a result, people had fears of the things they couldn’t understand. These fears forced them to look for explanations or solutions on how to not get injured or stay alive in those dark woods. People have understood that nature is more powerful than any human being, so finally people came to the point when they decided to humble themselves and worship forces that haven’t been truly understood. In this way, many woodlands and forests became sacred places that had incredible importance.

Today, if you try to travel around the English countryside, you could find many kinds of woods that are still dark and sacred. Of course, you won’t find any worshiping ceremonies there, but you could feel like travelling in time by spending time nearby sacred, historic and saved trees that can be literally over 1000 years old.

Living History

Living History

There is a list of ancient woodlands and forests that are protected by the government. Basically, these remains of old majestic woodlands are similar today all around the United Kingdom and so many natural parts have already been destroyed. However, the feeling when you are stepping into a few centuries-old woodland gives you an understanding of what a small, fleeting and despicable creature a human being is. When you realize that each green tree of this landscape survived long history of wars, illness, rulers and brutal deforestation of industrial age while standing there still green and tall for more than 1000 year, you suddenly want to apologize for every mistake made by the humankind and fell so thankful of having an ability to be a part of this beauty and majesty.  


However, woodlands and forests lost their mystery in the industrial age when people have started to worship money instead of nature. When financial benefits became the axis of life and culture, people forget other benefits provided by the forests. Since 1930, half of the native woodlands in the United Kingdom have been felled because of timber. The most expensive timber was provided by the oak trees, as a result, so many old and sacred forests have been truly or partially destroyed as oaks have always been the most sacred tree dedicated to the most powerful goods of different religions.

The forest is a natural economy that supports its life, but the damage made by the industry and people are obvious. Today, all processes of deforestation are strictly bounded by the government and law. Some woods are described as the natural reserves where all activities of humans including tree cutting, berry and mushroom picking, and hunting are prohibited. Another way to decrease the damage of deforestation is to restore some ancient woodlands and forests because, in order to save our climate and planet, we must start with trees and native woodlands or forests. It is a very comical and sad situation that humans have both protected woodlands yet pose the biggest threat to each tree.

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