The Importance of Woodlands: II

There are some crucial factors why human beings, animals and other alive forms are able to live on the planet Earth instead of any other planet. These factors include such stuff as atmosphere, ozone layer, oxygen, water and green plants. However, if talking about the greenery, a few trees, herbs or flowers wouldn’t be sufficient material to keep us fed and alive, as a result, for this purpose we need massive forests with billions of trees and other plants. Right now, the planet Earth provides all the above-mentioned components, so we can live here, work, raise our kids and enjoy the beauty of life and the world.

But think again – are we really secure here? There is a wise saying that reminds us about the temporality of everything as there are no eternal things. So why do we destroy our nature without the fear of ending? Now people clear millions of squares of natural forests every year, especially in the tropics, letting deforestation threaten some of Earth’s most valuable ecosystems. Why don’t we think about one step forward and not just money and financial benefits? The project of woodland restoration is the perfect step forward as woodlands and forests give us so many things that are worth of all investments.

Clean Air and Oxygen

A little flashback from your school time and biology class. What is the most important process made by trees and any other green plants? Yes, it is called photosynthesis and it describes the circle when plants absorb the carbon dioxide we exhale and with the help of sunlight they produce new and fresh oxygen that we inhale. According to scientific calculations, a single, mature, leafy tree can produce oxygen that is enough for ten adults per day.

Plants clean air pollution as they eliminate the amount of CO2 that is produced by humans, animals, cars, factories and any other industrial machines and equipment. Moreover, trees can absorb many other kinds of toxic gases and substances such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. In this way, all green plants are purifying the air and fighting against global warming.

Stabilization of Water and Soil

Stabilization of Water and Soil

Woodlands and forests absorb a lot of water, so they evaporate moisture and also restore the runoff water. This water came back to the amount of groundwater through the roots of plants and can be used for drinking, purposes of household or agriculture. The ability of roots to collect the runoff water protects land areas of constantly flooding. As a result, the activities of agriculture can be maintained in a bigger number of areas around the world. The third benefit related to the ability of plants to collect water is purifying. The rainwater contains lots of industrial chemicals, toxic substances, lawn fertilizers, and pesticides. Plants absorb these chemicals through their roots and give the cleaner water back to the underground reservoirs.

Roots of plants are useful not only for purifying water, but they also keep the dirt in its place as well. They protect the land from fast erosion that would be caused immediately by rain and wind. Also, roots of plants keep the ground of mountains, hills, and dunes and don’t allow them to be destroyed.

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