The Importance of Woodlands: III

The Importance of Woodlands: III

Woodlands and forests give us fresh air to breathe, they are purifying water constantly for us to drink and maintain agriculture, the roots of those plants keep the land in the necessary place. As a result, we have a place to live. Woodlands and forests protect all chains of the ecosystem and the thread of life is not broken for billions of years. These green massive places provide us construction materials, food and other benefits that we should be very grateful for.

However, there is something else that is extremely important to all of us – a healthy mental state. If your inner peace is disturbed, then nothing else matters and your life is falling apart. Forests are the primary natural environment for human beings, and it is very sad that people underestimate the power of nature but are looking for inner peace in many other artificial ways. Is it possible that woodlands and forests have a direct impact on each of us?

Shelter, Food and Noise

Shelter, Food and Noise

People have lived in forests since the very beginning of the history of humankind. Trees were good protection and building material, while all animals, berries, herbs, and mushrooms were the main source of food. Nowadays, people think that all these things are provided by the infinite number of industrial companies. Sadly, but they are so deeply wrong! According to the statistics provided by the United Nations, there are approximately 300 million people who live in forests, rainforests or native woodlands all around the world. The number should be doubled if all people who live nearby the forests would be counted in.

A healthy person cannot survive by eating only artificial or processed food, so here we need woodlands and forests again. As a result, trees produce fruits, nuts, and seeds. The ground of forests gives us many different kinds of mushrooms, berries, and beetles to larger animals like deer, rabbits, and birds. This biodiversity is deeply important on its own terms in ways we can hardly understand.

The last thing that we selfishly forget to appreciate is reduced noise pollution. The worldwide chain of trees forms a great barrier for noise that is created by the activities of humans, industry, agriculture, and animals also. It is estimated that trees can reduce decibels of noise by a half.

Inner Peace and Healing Power

If speaking generally, all the time spent in nature is very healthy for human beings. Fresh air helps to fight breathing problems such as coughing and asthma. The healthy particles of the mountain or sea environment give extra strength for those who have cancer or problems with their thyroid. However, even a simple walk in the forests or woodlands has health benefits such as stress relief, reduced blood pressure and a stronger immune system. These activities strengthen muscles, bones and immune system.

The modern world is stressful, and the pace of life is fast, so we crave a place to calm down and listen to our minds. The woodlands provide green and peaceful shelter for our tired souls as those old trees always make you feel like home which is scientifically explained as a part of a phenomenon known as biophilia.

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