The Importance of Woodlands

There are many different opinions about the ancient woodlands and some people are against the idea of restoration. Also, there are many critics who say that modern people can perfectly live while enjoying urbanistic parks and other green areas of cities that were designed in an artificial way. As a result, there is an attitude that restoration of ancient woodlands and historical forests can be considered as a pure money-wasting or even financial laundering which might be suspended by the state or governmental institutions.

However, these opinions are just a drop in an entire ocean of advantages provided by natural woodlands and forests. Starting with the point that our planet Earth wouldn’t be inhabited without forests because there wouldn’t be enough fresh oxygen, so all human beings and other alive subjects would die. The worldwide situation of economy and industry would drop down desperately without forests and woodlands, and the major part of the population would be starving. In the context of such global problems, the fact that woodlands and forests give us calmness as it is our natural environment instinctively seems so unimportant. Do we really need to restore more woodlands? The positive answer is indisputable but if you still have some crazy doubts then let us present some more facts that will wake you up.

Ecosystem and Diversity

Ecosystem and Diversity

The first image after hearing the word “forest” or “woodland” is just old trees and some wild animals hiding behind them. However, this is a very wrong understanding. Woodlands and forests include a great diversity of various species that are creating an extremely long and difficult chain of the ecosystem. It is counted that almost 80% of already known species live in forests or woodlands. This number includes not only the main species of mammals but also many different worms and insects that are crucially important to maintain the good quality of soil to make it a good place for all plants to grow. Also, this percentage includes millions of birds, bees and butterflies that spread seeds, pollen and plant trees or flowers in other ways. Keep in mind other forms of plants such as herbs, mushrooms, and moss that ensure the right level of humidity and moisture of air so we can breathe properly. Biodiversity is extremely important to any form of life on this planet and, if this chain is interrupted or disrupted, the consequences might be nothing but fatal to all of us.  

Temperature and Cleanliness

Besides the fact that trees and plants provide the right level of moisture, they create a shadow on the ground and surrounding objects, so they block some sunlight and make the temperature right for humans and animals. This is very important in urban areas and big cities where cars and industries provide extra heat.

Another important thing that might be noted is that trees block the direct flows of wind. It doesn’t sound like a big deal because we can’t imagine how destructive wind can be. Trees form a wall, as a result, the flow isn’t so hard. Otherwise, the planet Earth would more similar to Mars than a place suitable for us to live.

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